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Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride(CPVC)

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride(CPVC) is produced by chloridized with polyvinyl chloride(PVC) resin,it is deemed as a kind of new engineering plastic.The product is white or faint yellow powder or loosen granules which is tasteless,odourless,and nontoxic.After being chloridized,molecular chain of PVC resin irregularly increases,molecular chain increases,which increase the solubility of resin and chemical stability,so as to improve the heat resistance,acid resistance,alkali resistance,salt resistance,oxidzing agent resistance and other corrosion resistances. 

Characteristics of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe:  

1、The heat resistance is improved:CPVC is made of chlorinated PVC resin. Compared with PVC,chlorinity increases from 56.7% to 63%-69%,vicat softening temperature close to 100℃. 

2、Mechanical property is improved;strength of extension of CPVC increases by 50%compared with that of PVC, increases by one times compared withPPR resin.It meet the requirement of equipment and pipeline under high temperature.

3、Chemical resistance is improved: under normal temperature or high temperature,it still has characteristics of acid resistance,alkali resistance,chemical resistance,it can substitutes for traditional materials for resisting corrodible substance,prolonging service life. 

4、Outstanding fire resistance,It has outstanding fire resistance and self-extinguishment,low heat conductivity coefficient.The heat-resistance pipe processed with CPVC has less heat loss,without thermal-protective coating.

5、Bacteria is not easily to be bred.The completed CPVC pipe can not be decomposed under the influence of residual chlorne,the inner wall is smooth,so that bacteria is not easily to be bred,it has action of resisting general sterilization chemicals.

We supply the following 3 types of CPVC resins:

1、CPVC resin:

Model no Appearance Applications
GRC6700 White powder Produced pipe compound
GRC5700 White powder Produced pipe fitting compound

2、CPVC compound:

Model no Appearance Applications
GRP818G Grey powder Pipe for cold and heated water supply, pipe in chemical plantand pipe for crude oil transportation
GRP818Y Yellow powder

3、CPVC granular compound:

Model no Appearance Applications
GRF808G Grey granules Production water-supply pipe, pipe in chemical plant and pipe for crude oil transportation of oil field etc
GRF808Y Yellow granules