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Styrene acrylic latex surface sizing agent

Appearance:Hazel milky liquid.

Main uses:corrugated paper、cardboard paper, white board paper, craft paper.

Technical data:

Appearance:Hazel milky liquid Solid content: 30±2
PH value:2-5 Adhesiveness:﹤20cp(25℃)
Density:1.0-1.1Kg/L Ionic: cation
Solubility: Soluble in water, good compatibility with starch 100~120

Performance feature:

1、In sizing process, The product has good affinity and retention property with fiber, It has good compatibility and synergistic effect with starch and other additives and dyes.

2、Significantly improve water resistance and ring crush strength of cardboard paper and corrugated paper.

3、To improve the surface strength and water resistance of the paper sheets , entirely replace internal sizing agent, after sizing of paper completely changed the paper getting damp back glue phenomenon.

4、With excellent mechanical stability, less air bubbles in the process of operation, don't need to join other defoaming agent.

5、Using together with the original starch, oxidized starch, cationic starch, etc. for surface sizing , remarkable advantages of low dosage, low cost, sizing effect.

6、This product is non-toxicc, nonflammable, none explosive, non-corrosive, belongs to the non-dangerous goods.

Packaging and storage:this product packaging form is PP ton barrels, net Weight 1000 kg; storage life: 3 months; Stored in shady and cool place (4-30 ° C), avoid freezing and exposure.